About Us

Keepsake Poetry & Collectibles, LLC is an inspirational bookstore. Its mission is to inspire a world of listeners through inspiration and relaxation. Keepsake Poetry & Collectibles, LLC bookstore is based on inspirational poetry, but it offers other books in various genres. Genres include: self-help, self-guidance, motivation, encouragement, inspirational journals, children books, and more. Books at Keepsake Poetry & Collectibles, LLC are not just by Author Tamarah Mack, but by other inspirational authors who have joined together to uplift and inspire communities locally, statewide, and nationwide.

Keepsake Poetry & Collectibles, LLC is dedicated in helping those who are undergoing adversities, those who feel powerless, helpless, and hopeless.Those individuals who feel worthless and just need some encouragement.


Keepsake Poetry & Collectibles is owned and operated by Tamarah Mack. Tamarah Mack resides in Jackson,MS and look forward in uniting communities and empowering our young kids and adults.Tamarah Mack is also a Self-Publishing Author, Notary Public, Songwriter, Music Composer, and Certified Pharmacy Technician who seeks to uplift and inspire others.