Electronic Tetris Brick Game Kids Classic Handheld Game Machine with

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Suitable as kids game machine, good children fancy toy.
Fun for baby to touch and easy to hold.
Installed with classic varieties tetris games with sound for more fun.
Improve your mental ability with this Classic Brick game Featuring many variations of the addictive Tetris game
Encourage baby to touch and explore.
It has 15 shapes of elements. among which one single element has the penetrating power to get through other elements.

Auto power off
16 falling speeds, 16 levels of height, 15 different pattern
Pause function with indication
Different sound effect with different motion
Melodies for start and game over
Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotate selection
Sound on/ off selection
Featuring low power consumption, great for travelling.

Material: plastic
Color: Random (not possible to select)
Product Size: 185*77*25mm
Power Supply: 2pcs 1.5V R6/AA battery (Not Included)

Package Included:
1 x Brick Game Machine (Battery Not Included)